Heart to Heart with Anna

Celebrating 300 Episodes of “Heart to Heart with Anna

March 30, 2021 Alex and Anna Jaworski Season 16 Episode 301
Heart to Heart with Anna
Celebrating 300 Episodes of “Heart to Heart with Anna
Show Notes

It's official! We are celebrating 300 episodes of "Heart to Heart with Anna"! To help us with this celebration, Alexander Jaworski, Anna's son who was born with a critical congenital heart defect, is the Guest Host and Anna is in the hot seat answering questions about the podcast which you may not be aware of.

How did the longest-running podcast devoted to the congenital heart defect community come to be? Who was instrumental in helping Anna get started? How did Anna choose her Guests? Who were Anna's favorite Guests? Who made trouble for Anna? What advice does Anna have for others in the CHD community who want to start a podcast? Tune in for answers to these questions and so much more!

Link mentioned in this podcast:

Hearts Unite the Globe
The Heart Collection Bookstore website
The SlugTribe (Alex's writer's group)
Children's Heart Foundation
Audacity (the editing software Anna uses)
Half Heart Whole Life: An HLHS Dad's blog (Chris Perez)
WEGO Health Awards
Mended Little Hearts
Unbeatable (Margaret Ellis Raymond's show)
Moms of Heart Podcast (Nicole Groenewald's podcast)
Not a Perfect Heart (Mary Rouzer's podcast)
Heart to Heart with Nicole and David
Guerreros Del Corazon
Bereaved But Still Me (formerly Heart to Heart with Michael)
Fundacion Estrellita de Belen (Belen's nonprofit to help CHD children in Venezuela)

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