Heart to Heart with Anna

Three Generations: Heart Warrior, Heart Mom & Heart Daughter

June 22, 2021 Lisa Dang Colvil, Kim Dang, Serenity Colvil Season 16 Episode 309
Heart to Heart with Anna
Three Generations: Heart Warrior, Heart Mom & Heart Daughter
Show Notes

Heart Warrior Lisa Dang Colvil returns to "Heart to Heart with Anna" but this time she is joined by her mother and her daughter. Lisa was born with a complicated congenital heart defect and Anna talks to her mother, Kim, about her experience fleeing war-torn Vietnam, having a daughter in a country where she barely knew the language, and what it was like to discover her daughter had a heart defect. Anna also talks with Serenity and Lisa about being 1st and 2nd generation Americans, and how different life is here for them compared to the life their mother/grandmother lived.

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