Heart to Heart with Anna

Learning about ccTGA and the Double Switch Procedure

July 20, 2021 Dr. Edward Bove and Erin Beckemeier Season 16 Episode 313
Heart to Heart with Anna
Learning about ccTGA and the Double Switch Procedure
Show Notes

What is congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries or ccTGA? Historically, people born with ccTGA tended to do fairly well. Why is it today doctors are choosing to operate on the hearts of babies born with ccTGA? What does Dr. Edward Bove think about the future of babies born with ccTGA?

Erin Beckemeier is mom to Conway, born in 2007 with ccTGA, a large ventricular septal defect or VSD, and sub-pulmonic stenosis. He was later diagnosed with an Ebsteinoid tricuspid valve. At six months of age, he had an arterial switch with a Senning (a double switch), VSD closure, and resection of the stenosis. Conway’s recovery from these procedures was rocky, as he suffered a seizure and complete heart block, requiring a dual-chambered pacemaker. By two years of age, he was struggling with atrial flutter and underwent a mitral annuloplasty and ablation/Maze procedure. 

At five years, his RV-PA conduit was replaced and he was upgraded to a bi-ventricular or CRT pacing system. At 11 years old he needed a new atrial lead and generator replacement. The new atrial lead became infected and was removed the following month. At age 14 he received 2 new leads and his 4th pacemaker. Due to a significant growth spurt, his mitral valve, RV-PA homograft, and left ventricular function are being closely monitored. Erin lives with her husband Greg and their five children. She is a fourth-grade teacher and she is here today to share her story with Anna.

Dr. Edward Bove is a cardiac surgeon at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and chair of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Michigan Health System is an internationally acclaimed, board-certified pediatric cardiac and thoracic surgeon and the chair of the Hearts Unite the Globe Medical Advisory Board! Earlier this year, Dr. Bove was awarded the 2021 Earl Bakken Scientific Achievement Award by The Society of Thoracic Surgeons during the organization’s virtual 57th Annual Meeting.

My long-time Listeners will remember Dr. Edward Bove from Season 9. His show was entitled, “Advancements in Treatments for HLHS Heart Warriors.” We are thrilled Dr. Bove is returning to the program to talk to us about a very complicated ccTGA patient of his. He will also be sharing with us a bit about the history of the double-switch procedure and who would most benefit from that invasive surgery, as well as, predictions for the future of ccTGA Heart Warriors in the years to come.

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